Saturday 25 February 2017

Another high turnout recorded for our Concorde group aspect.

Lavern and Jaden
5th February 2017
This week another high turnout was recorded for our Concorde group of riders at 19 youngsters strong; we're running out of space & bikes here! Before heading out It was thought best to travel from Homerton to Hagerston BMX pump track in three sections to suit all abilities. The youngest rider of the day was Jaden at 5 years old. He made it all the way and back with his mother Lavern (who is a new club volunteer) in good time - this boy will sleep well tonight!
Four riders came down from Upper Clapton as the Fawcett Bike Club contingent; Hasbi, Nihachem, Sultan & Rico have become regular contributors to the scene. On this day we had a peak number of girls too; Teja, Milisi, Myesha & Tyesha, who all enjoyed the exercise and good spirits.  

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