Sunday 15 January 2017

CCH volunteers - kit offer

CC Hackney management keeps a record of members who volunteer in some way (small or large) to help the club along. This is a detail that's written into our annual subscription and membership agreement. If you have performed a supporting duty for CCH and believe that your contribution may not be noted please let the club know - email to
*Membership requires a commitment from full members to support at least one key CCH event per year. 
We are preparing a special kit offer for 2017 - f
or the record CC Hackney's founding meeting was on Monday 29th October 2007 at the Pembury Tavern. This year our volunteer supporters will have priority access to new limited edition, 10 year celebratory cycling and polo shirts at a subsidised and reduced price. Many thanks for your commitment and support here, your help is much appreciated. Do look out for notifications about this ahead of the clothing being delivered from our suppliers. The polo shirts are easier to produce and are in the design faze, they will be along the same lines as our 10th anniversary kit below but for casual wear.
View a 3D version here

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