Tuesday 28 April 2015

Stage 4 winner 2015 Tour de Bretagne - Alex Peters

Tuesday 28th April 2015
CC Hackney off-spring Alex Peters is the Tour de Bretagne stage 4 winner. This tough seven day race in France's hot bed of cycling is prestigious and highly rated among professional riders; well done Alex 'the dramatic' Peters! 
Starting tomorrow in the red jersey as best young rider and 4th on GC (19' from the race leader Anthony Delaplace) Alex and his team mates at SEG Racing will be looking at how to crack the opposition as the race reaches it's critical stages. Others are in the way of a 1st place on GC and more prizes along the way for the scary one from Hackney.
Official stage video resume here.
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1 United Kingdom(Great Britain) PETERS Alex 4 h 16' 25''
2 Greece TAMOURIDIS Ioannis à 0' 00''
3 France DELAPLACE Anthony à 0' 02''
4 Norway HOELGAARD Daniel à 0' 25''
5 Italy PASQUALON Andrea à 0' 25''
6 Belgium VAN ROOY Kenneth à 0' 25''
7 Italy CECCHIN Alberto à 0' 25''
8 Germany VLIEGEN Loïc à 0' 25''
9 Netherlands VAN WINDEN Dennis à 0' 25''
10 France CALMEJANE Lilian à 0' 25'

Stage 5 in the red jersey of leading young rider - Alex Peters

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