Wednesday 9 July 2014

Strong Showing from CCH youth B in National Youth Road Champs

Callum in the charge from lap 1

CCH youth riders Callum Bulley, Isaac Costley, Logan de Monchaux-Irons and Frank Moore joined the hordes up at Hoghill on Sunday 6th July for the 2014 National Youth Road Races. The event was was organised by LVYCC who did a splendid job of it - with areas set aside for gazeebos and warming up and holding pens for the riders before each race.

The riders warm up camp

There were close on 80 riders signed on for the Youth B race that the four CCH riders were in and once they were all gridded they set off from the layby on the bottom circuit at quite a rate and never really let up for the next 20 laps of the 40km race.
The peloton descending past the bike pits

With such a large bunch it would assumed that there would be some spills and that the hill would split it up . Most of the spills came going up the Hogberg as riders in front slowed and those behind touched wheels so nothing too serious however once riders were caught up in these it was hard for them to get back into the race.

Isaac and Callum ascending the Hogberg
Unfortunately Callum got caught up in one of these offs and retired from the race with 6 laps remaining. A few riders had tried attacking off the front of the bunch but it was so strong that any such moves by individuals were shut down within a lap.

Logan with Theo on the Hogberg
 Then at five laps to go Theo Modell (ELV) and Isaac  sped off the front together quickly getting a large gap  - with two riders it looked like it might stick - after one lap they were still ahead.
Isaac on the break
 However second time up the Hogberg out in the wind took its toll and Theo dropped Isaac - within half a lap they were both swallowed up by the bunch again. By now the lap times were tumbling and the riders were averaging 39 kph.

Logan finishing just outside the top ten
A bunch sprint would settle it then with them all going full gas up the Hogberg with Jack Ford of Holmfirth just edging out Matthew Burke of Newport and Euan Cameron of East Bradford in a tight finish. The CCH riders finished Logan 11th, Frank 31st and Isacc 41st - full results here. Great effort by the boys and a pity more of Youth riders hadn't entered across the categories with the race being so close to home - never mind they can all travel up north or wherever it is next year.

Frank at the finish

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