Thursday 15 May 2014

CCH Girls at the Womens Tour of Britain

Mia Charlie Molly Elinor and Lauren with Neil and Judith before the race.
Nigel Hampton from British Cycling about to get the team underway.

Five CCH girls and their coaches went up to Welwyn Garden City last Saturday to take part in a British Cycling Go-Ride race at the finishing line for the 4th stage of the Womens Tour or Britain

Elinor, Mia, Lauren and Charlie took part in an Italian style team pursuit with Molly as chief supporter and team helper. heavy rain didn't dampen their spirits and after some practise laps the girls were pitted against a team from St Ives CC in their heat and although they were beaten  by their rivals the heat proved faster than some of the others so the girls went through to the bronze medal play off.

CCH girls led out by Elinor.

By now the crowds were starting to build for the women's race so with lots of cheering and tv cameras pointing at them the girls were unfazed and had a determined look about them. All was going really well until a slipped chain meant Lauren had to finish by running the bike in over the line but even still they finished fourth by just 2 seconds with their opponents of round 1 being the overall winners.

Lauren leading thethird lap with Charlie following.
Following this the girls enjoyed going round the various stalls at the finishing enclosure collecting balloons and other freebies, until it was time to find a spot on the barriers and cheer home the host of top women riders from around the world including locals the Trott sisters. Hopefully seeng the amazing Marianne Voss zoom past will inspire them our girls on to greater things. 

Mia leads the 2nd lap.
"I enjoyed doing my first team pursuit with CCH and I am thrilled that we came 4th. Unluckily, my team mate chain came off and as a result of this, we lost out on bronze by 2 seconds. Hopefully, in the future, I will get picked to do more races like this and eventually we will come first! "- Mia

“I felt nervous but it was worth going, because it was fun and everyone was really welcoming even though they don't really know me .I feel I can do more races because we did really well. Next time I'll try and wake up early and get ready quicker because now I know its worth it.” - Elinor 
Charlie on the last lap.

"Saturday was a laugh for all of us girls. Seeing the end of the 4th Stage of the Women's tour of Britain and watching the others taking part in the Go Ride event. Even though we got quite wet from the rain in the end we all had lots of fun." - Molly
The women's tour winner Mariann Vos on 2nd wheel.

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