Sunday 16 March 2014

CCH Young Volunteers at Go-Ride Conference

Jessie and Shiva getting stuck in to the excellent lunch laid on at the Dartford Hilton.

Last weekend whilst you were all on a sunny ride in Hackney we were down in Dartford at a go-ride conference. Me (Jessie), Shiva, Frank M, Logan Harry and Neil. Us kids were taking part in a programme called the 'Cycling Award for Young Volunteers' whilst the coaches were learning about their inner chimps. This taught us all there is to know about British Cycling and how we as young people can get involved in so many different ways. Additionally it showed us the different pathways we can take in cycling and how these can really benefit us in life and not only our cycling life. We also took at trip outside to the car park to set up our own mini go-ride race which was really fun and interesting. This, I think has encouraged us to try and do one of these with CCH, so keep a look out! There were inspiring talks throughout the day from people like Josh who is on the National Youth Forum for British Cycling. Of course how could I forget the amazing, free, all you can eat food and the free goodies which I think just made sitting in the same room for 8 hours worth while! All in all the day to me was really motivating and inspiring and it taught me there is so much more to cycling than just getting on your bike, but obviously thats the best bit!  
- Jessie

If you are interested in becoming a Young Volunteer and want to know more about it we can arrange for someone from British Cycling to visit the club and set it up for more of you. It is like cycling's equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh awards where you gain bronze, silver, gold then platinum awards for the amount of hours you volunteer for your club. It benefits you as its the sort of thing future colleges and employers look for on your resume and it benefits the club and your fellow members. If you wan to get involved let Neil or Harry know.

More details on the Go-Ride conference here .
The coaches enjoying the sunshine.

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