Monday 9 September 2013

Tao finishes his 'Italian job'

Hackney's Tao Geoghegan Hart finishes his 'Italian job' by anihilating the opposition. He collected winners jerseys in each category; Overall, Points & Mountains - that's what you'd call a good weekend at the office.

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Giro della Lunigiana 2013

Final overall classification

1. Tao Geoghegan Hart (Great Britain) in 10-11-02

2. Scott Davies (Great Britain) at 46 secs

3. Robert Power (Australia) at 1-04

4. Francesco Lorenzini (Toscana) at 1-30

5. Simone Velasco (Veneto) at 1-40

6. Matteo Fabbro (Friuli) at 1-40

7. Jonas Abrahemsen (Norway) at 2-19

8. Laurens De Plus (Belgium) at 2-19

9. Nikolay Cherkasov (Russia) at 2-26

10. Mads Pedersen (Denmark) at 2-39

Racing to third place in the Junior Paris Roubaix earlier this year

Long way, short distance, Tao pictured after a race in Liguria Italy with CC Hackney 2009 

Alex Peters - Joseph Alberti - Tao Geoghegan Hart - Clem Berrill - Kyroah Pang - Keir Apperley

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