Saturday 10 August 2013

Road safety for UK cyclists - heavy situation

Lea Bridge Road

The day after Ride London mass sportive and the weekend of celebrating cycling another cyclist died on London's roads after being in a collision with a heavy vehicle. That makes four fatal victims in the last few weeks.

"The London Cycling Campaign responded to these earlier deaths by organising two protest rides – one at Aldgate and another in Holborn, where thousands of ordinary people joined with us to vent their anger and frustration at the continued lack of action from the mayor, Boris Johnson.
On Monday 2 September, we're asking you to take part in a third 'space for cycling' protest ride to tell the mayor that it's time for change.
Our ride will meet in Jubilee Gardens from 6pm (for a 6.30pm start), and will pass through Parliament Square at the precise time that the House of Commons debates the future of cycling in the UK."

The way to go:
How the Dutch got their cycle paths - a  You Tube clip
UK catching on with the cycling thing at last? The Netherlands are way ahead.

Protest and survive 

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