Wednesday 10 April 2013

Superclub at Newport Velodrome

Aminur and Tyrell coming in after a session on the track.
The latest Superclub session took place last Sunday 7th at Newport Velodrome in Wales. The superclub is a cluster of British Cycling eastern region clubs aimed at getting more of our young riders on to the track and upskilling them for racing. CCH turned up with the largest contingent for this session with seven riders, two coaches and three helpers traveling by minibus. After being split into groups the riders took it turns of 20 -30 minutes to ride the track practising various techniques, as any of them will tell you Newport isn't the sort of track where you can travel round slowly as your back wheel will slide out from under you, so a fair pace has to be kept up throughout. After four hours of this Aminur, Isaac, Logan, Louis, Ned, Shaquille and Tyrell were getting hungry and tired but were buzzing with the efforts they had produced especially in the practise races.
The superclub sessions are continuing throughout the summer up at Welwyn velodrome, all riders previously nominated will be nominated automatically. Riders new to the track are also welcome to attend - priority goes to U16/U14 age groups but U12 can apply too - there is a sheet up in the club whre they can put there name down. Dates and details below -

Eastern Region
Go-Ride Track Cluster 2013
LVYCC, ELV, Green Arrow, CC Hackney, CC Ashwell, Kings Cliffe Flyers, Colchester Rovers, Essex RC, St Ives CC
12-May 2
18-May Welwyn Omnium
26-May 3
2-Jun Herne Hill Omnium
9-Jun 4
15-Jun Brighton Omnium
23-Jun 1 è
30-Jun 2
7-Jul 3
14-Jul 4
21-Jul Eastern Region Track Champs  
28-Jul 5 è
11-Aug 6
13-18 Aug Nationals
1-Sep 1  
8-Sep 2    
15-Sep 3    
22-Sep 4    
29-Sep 5    
Each block of sessions will be progressive & focus on the techniqiues & skills required to participate at specific events depending upon a riders age/ability, e.g.  Track League or competiting in the Omnium Series, Regional Champs, Nationals
Riders will sign-up for a block rather than individual sessions.
Novice hard track riders will be taken on a the beginning of a block only subject to coach availability.
The final block in September will be the last chance for novice hard track riders & exisiting riders wanting to upskill before the winter indoor track sessions.
Winter Indoor Sessions - Places will be limited & for experienced hard track riders only. No novice track riders. Riders will need to demonstrate to their club coaches that they merit a nomination for these sessions.

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