Wednesday 13 March 2013

Road Racing season now in full swing.

Harry Frank Logan Ned Anna and Tyrell trying to stay warm at the Cyclopark, Gravesend.
The road race season is now in full swing and for the second week in a row a CCH contingent made the early morning trek down to the Cyclopark at Gravesend for the San Fairy Ann Spring Crits. The temperature had dropped overnight  making for chilly racing. Having sorted out the organisational flaws from the previous week San Fairy Ann CC put on a good show with races for all categories on offer including a women's race and veterans racing. For those of you who haven't been down there the Cyclopark is a great venue with various circuit loops, Bmx tracks, mtb trails, a skatepark and a playpark it really has something for everyone. Plus its half an hour by car.
Bede 10th, Frank 9th and Logan 6th, rode in U14 Cat B race. At the same time Ned finished 15th in the Under 16 Cat A race. Tyrell started the race but a mechanical forced him out early and with a no laps-out policy being in force his race was over. However a valuable lesson was learned in race preparation - namely having your bike ready the day before.
There is racing this coming weekend at hoghill and we are aiming to head over with all saturday morning riders whether they intend to race or not so they can get a feel for it. Details will be coming out in this week's email but be aware it will mean an early start.

Full results here.

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