Friday 11 May 2012

The Herne Hill Revival event this Sunday 13th May.

Vintage racing and stuff is taking place at  the Herne Hill Revival event this Sunday 13th May.

As well as racing there will be a cycle jumble, beer tent and displays
of classic marques of bicycle.
The circuit will be open from 9.00am but other clubs will be using the
track in the morning. Please don't arrive too early as it annoys the
locals! There will be a lot of off-track happenings during the day
including a cycle jumble, displays by some of our marque enthusiasts,
trade stands and a beer tent.

Race programme:
Track opens at 12.00 noon for warm up sessions.

Please note that you MUST wear a hard-shell safety helmet if you are
riding on the track.

Racing will start at 12.30 with the following events:

Grand Old Ordinary One Mile Challenge (for original ordinaries only
– no replicas).

Tandems – Sprint and longer race

Roadster race - steel mudguards, upright handlebars, no derailleur
gears, 26 or 28 inch wheels etc. To be ridden in jacket & tie. Time
bonuses to be awarded for appropriate dress and imaginative
interpretation of dress code.]

Early pneumatic/Pre WW1 race

Devil take the hindmost (heats & final)

Sprint race for classic bicycles.

Open Frame race – for drop top-tube cycles (i.e. ladies cycles).
Race open to ladies and gents on this type of cycle.

Slow Bicycle race - A non speed event that any ability can participate
in. No fixies or trikes. Longer race for classic race bikes - 20 or 30
laps – steel frames only. (Definitely no carbon or other fancy
new-fangled materials!)

Solid tyre all comers race - high bicycles of any age, solid-tyred
safeties, etc

Children's race if enough present

All comers race – anything goes

Grand Parade at end of races.

We will need to be off the track at 4.00pm.

Entrance to the venue is free but there will be a one-off race entry fee
of £4 to cover the cost of insurance levies (at cost).
This will allow you to enter as many races as you wish. The races are
organised by the VHC&RC.

Please note parking within Herne Hill is limited to those who are
competing in the races, displaying machines or who have a jumble stall.
We hope to have additional parking available at a nearby school and also
that some people will be able to cycle or use public transport.

More information on the event can be found at: <> which will
be updated as more details become available

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