Monday 27 February 2012

Eastern Region Track Super Club Session

Session organiser and British Cycling Eastern Region coach Rob Sharman wrote:

"I have got to say I was super proud to see the session up & running in such an efficient way...the thought of up to 60 novice riders in track centre, with upwards of 40 track hire bikes, only 4hrs of track time AND other groups in the track centre was a pretty daunting prospect...I hope that you agree the format of running a Super Club session works pretty well. It does not only share coaching resources, it helps to overcome some financial barriers towards track sessions and also provides a really sound vehicle to move bike racers physical, technical & tactical ability forwards in an appropriate & efficient way."

Thank you Rob and all for getting it together - well done - a whole lot a learnin' goin' on - terrific.

CCH's youth group gained loads from the opportunity, including how best to negotiate multiple bike possibilities with train staff, out and back. Thank you the ace cards that are youth and experience :)

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