Saturday 26 November 2011

Rob Sharman visit 2

Last Thursday evening British Cycling's eastern region coach Rob Sharman delivered a fine talk entitled 'Pathways into Racing' that was well attended by CC Hackney members and also guests from East London Velo. Thanks and praise are due to the organisers and especially Rob as he had traveled all the way down from Derby to be with us.
The session was targeted at youth riders but was useful for all. We were informed about the many racing opportunities and locations in the and around the region as well as a simple and effective five day weekly training programme for young riders, beginners and anyone else pushed for time.

In short there is plenty of racing near by and it's all about preparation and speed :)

To follow this, the first of our 'CCH Coaching Club' open workshops (CCHCC) is set for Monday 5th December from 6.30pm at 1 Olympus Sq E5 0QJ. This session is open to all members who want to improve their training to become racing cyclists or raise their standard if they are racing already. Target setting, knowledge sharing and coaching the British Cycling Level 3 way will be the main areas of work.

No fee, just rock-up.

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