Monday 19 September 2011

CCH at the Tour of Britain 2011

 Many CCH riders turned out to enjoy the final stage of this year's Tour of Britain - either just to watch or to take part in the day's activities. Following the morning's Time Trial - won by Alex Dowsett of Sky the CCH juniors took part in a Go-ride team criterium organised by Peter Cattermole from British Cycling on the Embankment opposite the London Eye. 

Preparing for the race.

The riders each took part in one of five heats with the top four advancing to the final and the next four to the mini-final. Points were awarded for the best places ten riders in each team and CCH finished in fourth place so well done to those who took part. All riders had to use MTB's provided by British Cycling.

Kai has overall winner Freddie looking worried.

Well done also to Peter and Jason for organising this - as the riders who took part will know from the race briefing, the object of the event was to have fun and to persuade the Tour of Britain organisers to allow juniors to race on the TOB circuit before the pros and hopefully to build this into a full criterium as part of the event every year. Hopefully it will be successful in persuading them as well over a hundred young riders from the London area participated. So thanks once again to the CCH juniors who 
took part - showing that we are a club willing to stand up and be counted.

Sam leads Joe around the corner.
Other CCH riders young and old enjoyed participating in the Prostate Cancer Charity Ride around two laps of the full circuit, helping to raise awareness and money for this important charity.

Louis going for it.
As is their custom the junior's spent the bulk of the day hunting for goodies and autographs - top prize went to Kai who cam away with Thor Hushovd's water bottle complete with rainbow stripes.

Leonard - chasing after Mark Cavendish.
 Thanks to Fabio for all the fantastic photo's here I particularly enjoyed the one at the top juxtaposing Geraint Thomas with the billboard for Dreamboats and Petticoats...
Let's go and get some bottles.

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