Thursday, 3 February 2011

Keep Racing on the Roads

Keep Racing on the Roads - February 2011

British Cycling's campaign to secure the future of road racing in the UK continues. They are lobbying parliament with a view to changing the outdated laws concerning road races for cyclists and trying to find a way to reduce policing charges. Read the full article on the British Cycling website here.

Meanwhile over at the London Cycle Campaign the 'No More Lethal Lorries' appeal aims to reduce road danger to cyclists. This is extremely pressing as yet another cyclist is in a critical condition after an accident involving a lorry at Dalston Junction this week. The five point strategy is as follows -

1 Cyclist-awareness training for drivers -All city lorry drivers should be have ongoing cycle-awareness training, including on-bike experience.

2 Drivers must take more responsibility- Authorities must recognise driver responsibility for doing everything practical to reduce risks. Blaming a ‘blind spot’ should be an admission of guilt.

3 Safer design for London lorries - Lorries designed for off-road use should be taken off city streets. The best mirrors, cameras and sensors should be fitted as standard.

4 Higher standards from lorry operators - Quality-assurance schemes such as London’s Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) should be mandatory, and the police encouraged to crack down on rogue operators.

5 More responsible procurement - Companies must only buy haulage services from reputable firms, with government taking a lead in encouraging best practice.

Plus: Better education for cyclists -Cyclists must be given the most accurate and up-to-date information on riding safely around lorries.

Neil will leave copies of the petition at CCH HQ for you to sign.

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