Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sunday club Run 24.10.10 - destination expresso Hertford

Rhys Howells, Alex Peters, David Moreno and I set off on a bright and fresh day bound for Hertford town via Epping Green, Roydon and Much Hadham where we turned left and onto some fine Hertfordshire lanes. After arching round in a crosswind here, a tailwind assisted us into Hertford town for our coffee stop and a bout of bonhomie.
We did some reasonable chases along the lanes for this time of year, keeping our tickers tip-top and trouble free. The total distance was about 100klm, it was a good route and for a change, done without any punctures. 
Club runs meet at the Lea Valley Ice Centre at 10am on Sunday mornings.

Soft shell jacket battle info for the train spotters:
L-R David models his Condor sale price Dutch club jacket £5, Keir sports his Lidl wear costing £12.99, Alex dons his £50 Wiggle job and Rhys proudly shows off an Assos delight at £300 - he got his for £125 in a sale which must feel better...I still think he got done though!

Ride info provided by Garmin and all the gear and every idea Rhys Howells.

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