Monday 2 August 2010

CCH on the Tourmalet

Tuesday the 20th of July saw us atop the Col du Tourmalet awaiting the big boys so Logan got to work with the chalk supplied by Livestrong. Armstrong led the way up then the big crowd got really going - booing Contador as he went past - we didn't know he'd apologised to Schleck by then but there were enough spaniards cheering him anyway.

The day was hot but slightly cooler than the day before when logan had his first go at conquering the Tourmalet - the baking heat saw us turn around with under 6km to go to the summit - Logie looked like he was going to boil.

Still he was in good company as he helped push Mark cavendish up the last few meters the next day. The rest day saw the rain bucket down but it let off enough for us to do a 22km climb up to Gavarnie followed by a disappointing descent into a headwind. The following day saw the epic duel between Contador and Schleck we stayed in Luz St Saveur to watch them go past then caught the rest on the big screen in the square - a lot more than we would have seen up in the clouds. The next day we tackled the Tourmalet again - stopping only for biscuits Logan rode the 20km to the misty top in just under 2 hours. He was going better than me towards the end as the effects of the previous days wine tastings began to tell.

We arrived in time to watch Cav' win another stage in the bar at the top.
More pictures of the Tour and our rides can be seen here.

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