Friday 2 April 2010

Mean while back at the ranch...1-2 number two!

               Saturday 27th March - San Fairy Ann CC circuit races at Hog Hill - 3/4 race
Not to be totally out done by the national exploits of their club mate's in the midlands, last Saturday, Clem Berill and Keir Apperley made it two 1-2s in two weeks with Clem taking a fine solo victory that began with ten laps to go. This long range effort came after a typical trade mark breath taking attack on the Hogenburg climb from Clem. He then built up a comfortable lead and cruised to an out of sight victory. This performance was followed later by another successful attack at the same place from Keir who went clear with two laps to go and held off the sprinting pack to seal another CCH 1-2.

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