Monday 1 March 2010

San Fairy Ann Youth Race

Alex Peters chalked up his fourth successive victory in youth road races this season with a exciting win in the San Fairy Ann race on Saturday at Hog Hill. There was a large turnout with the racing season beginning to kick off and no racing at Hillingdon - Alex started at the back having decided to put on overshoes just as the other riders began to line up, the pace was frantic from the start and the field immediately splintered with Alex amongst the leading group of five riders after he bridged the gap to join them. The five stayed clear for the rest of the race and they watched each other warily on the final lap. At the foot of the final climb Alex made a break jumping a few bike lengths clear before Daniel Murphy swept past him halfway up the hill, Alex dug deep and was on his wheel in moments. Approaching the finish Murphy cleverly sprinted through on the inside of a lapped rider to block a counter attack - Alex was forced to swing out wide and in a Cavendishesque finish won with lunge across the line.

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