Friday 2 October 2009

Grass Track Racing - the last event for 2009

Saturday September 26th 2009
Same time, same place and the same weather came out to play as in last years event on Mabley Green. Clear blue skies and fair temperatures greeted riders and helpers that matched the warm welcome to all comers to share in the free facilities provided to all by CCH.
As well as our regulars a good number of new riders turned up to join in and take part in the cycle racing in their local park. It was good to see these young riders getting so much enjoyment and pleasure from a simple activity. They were commenting on how much they liked the cycles, how they valued being trusted with them and that they really rate the opportunity to have a ride on quality club bikes for free.
A good afternoons racing was had and many riders and supporters stories have been retold. It's a pity that some of these local riders left in a such hurry without collecting their prizes. Never mind without doubt we'll catch up sooner or later to make sure they get what they worked so hard for on the day. Some great photographs were taken of every rider that took part in this event, copies are available to those wanting them.

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