Thursday 10 September 2009

Osiglia Italy 2009

  Alex Peters - Joseph Alberti - Tao Geoghegan Hart - Clem Berrill - Kyroah Pang - Keir Apperley

Thanks to generous funding from the Stuart Feakins Trust and further support from the Youth Opportunities Fund, a four day CCH trip to Italy went ahead that produced many useful results and outcomes. On Sunday 6th September four youth riders (Alex Peters, Tao Geoghegan Hart, Clem Berrill & Kyroah Pang) and their two accompanying coaches (Joseph Alberti & Keir Apperley) took part in the focal point of this trip: the 9th Delbono Memorial road race in Osiglia, Liguria.
The last 10km included a special sprint point or prime and two hefty climbs. Around 150 started, all CCH riders finished in good positions with four riders in the top forty. Hackney's youths took the top three places in their category, their youngest taking the best young rider award and the squad was 4th in the team rankings.
CCH were well received and enjoyed a warm welcome that they are planning to reciprocate when the invited group come to London next year.

"The idea was to introduce our talented young riders to the passion of continental Italian cycling and increase their interest in cycle sport for the future." 

Keir Apperley 

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