Monday 6 July 2009

CCH & Hackney borough win the cycling event in the London Youth Games 2009

On Saturday 4th July 29 London borough cycling teams entered the cycling event of the 2009 London Youth Games. After a long day 28 teams were left looking up at Hackney & CCH who finished as stylish champions by winning both age categories to become the outright winners.
Eight young riders from CCH made up the team to represent Hackney along with the team manager; Keir Apperley and coaches; Gary Lingard & Joseph Alberti.
Riders on the line were: Clem Berril, Alex Peters, Tao Geohegan Hart, Sean Glendenning, Kyroah Pang, Nahshan Blondell, Adebisi Alakan & Cory Hall. All of them put in heroic performances and have a story to tell. The London youth Games results pages can be found here
A fuller report and a more detailed results sheet will follow shortly.

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