Sunday 3 May 2009

GTR Haggerston Park - Bike Yard East Bike Day

Sunday April 17th 2009

Haggerston park provided plenty of space for a 200m track that was placed at the eastern end by the school wall. There was a blustery breeze and bright intermittent sunshine. Temp. 17c. The riding surface was excellent according to our chief track inspector Dan Bachelor who declared it 'clean cut, level & fast'.
After registration the days action began as usual with a warm up session and then the first round of flying lap time trials. Easily out numbering CCH's youth section a strong contingent of local youths were in attendance. After setting preliminary times they lay in wait for their second attempt for a faster time. Mean while adult rider Andy Maun nailed the fastest time of the day at 21.69 seconds beating into equal 2nd place CCH youth riders, 14 year old Tao Geoghegan-Hart and Nahshan Blondell by one second at 22.69. Guest on the podium was Dan Bachelor with a time of 22.87.
Happily for the local youth section they all managed to improve on their first runs after taking sound coaching advice and a good breather.
The ten lap Hare & Hounds: Four adult riders; Oliver Schick, Patrick Field, Dan Bachelor & Andy Maun were the chasing hounds after the youth-full hares; Tao G-Hart, Nahshan Blondell & Alfie Maun. The hares had just over half a lap head start on the baying hounds. Sadly for the old dogs their chase went the way of the chewed bone and the hunters became hunted with the duo of Tao & Nahshan combining well to leave behind Alfie to catch the hounds with three laps to go. In the end Tao's strength & experience was to much for Nahshan who settled for second place with a 'burning chest'.

The 'Devil' a ten lap elimination race, all riders together. This contest was won by Dan Bachelor after an exciting spin that culminated in a final sprint out between Dan B', Oliver Schick, Tao G & Ned Maun. On the last bend Tao gave all to win against Dan B' at the front but instead lost his grip to chew grass - great crash!
Thankfully nothing was broken, well done Tao for making the action extra and seriously challenge Dan Bachelor who held his nerve to sweep past and scoop the winners glory - cheeky devil.

A good day of racing then and special thanks to Bike Yard East for providing the space and the prizes.

Next GTR event: Well Street common Festival Sunday 17th May 2009

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