Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Historical Record

A picture is taken at the start of every club run. You can see them all here.


  1. Cycling club hackney... bit unimaginative name.

    how about VC smackney donkeys or something?


    a guy call paul turned up at ten o'clock at the POW but no one was there so he asked me to take him for a ride... that was him with me at toot hill

    I think he wants to join


  2. Hi Boris

    The idea is to bring new people into recreational riding not just hackneyed old cycle couriers, but doesn't that you and I can't join the club either :) so we wanted a name straight forward and non-offensive!

    Sorry Paul ( I hope Boris' pace wasn't too much for you! ) we will be meeting outside the Ice rink from now on PROMISE!

    See you Sunday.

  3. No sunday ride for me my folks are in town

    Paul was fine I have no pace.

    10am is too late a start as well.. if you want to have a life and stick a 4-6 hour ride in you have to start earlier.. and don't argue that an early start puts people off beginners as no one in their right mind is going for a 88 mile ride in feb to start with

    and another thing that prince harry fighting the taleban...(continued on page 94)


  4. David, Keir,

    Nice meeting up with you guys on Sunday. John and I lost Nikki and Oliver just outside the Forest. I hope they got back OK?

    It would be useful to have some contact details. my email is

    best paul


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