Tuesday 5 February 2013

National Cross Champs 2013

CCH were well represented on the first day of last month's National Cyclocross Championship race in Bradford (enough riders to be included on the Club Championship)
Arriving the night before enabled us to get a good few practise laps on what was a hard course (it was the Nationals I suppose!). The course had plenty of off chamber riding, which as the morning progress got more and more sticky. The Col d’Peel as it became know over the weekend (a right angles left uphill muddy turn) proved almost impossible to ride for the Hackney riders. Just after that we were faced with a  wall of mud which was difficult to run up – a slow plod up seemed just about possible!.

The U12 had a special course set up in another area of the Park which included part of the BMX track Artie coming in 26th.

Andy running the "wall of mud"
Back on the main course first up were the over 50s where CCH were represented by Andy and Harry. Andy put in his usual strong performance and although like Harry, struggled on some parts came in 17th –Harry 28th.

Youth were next up where we had two U14s (Louis and Frank) and Ned in the U16s.  A dramatic start in the U14s when the favourite Dan Tulett broke his chain just after the pits so had to run almost a full lap -  the boys being surprised to pass him! By the end of the forty minutes (10 mins longer than their usually race) we had,Louis 38th & Frank 40th. (Dan Tulett came back taking 4th). Ned finished 40th in his race.

We stayed on to watch the Senior race and were well impressed by their ability 
to ride the parts of the course we all struggled with. A great time (and curry) was had by one and all.... roll on next year …we all intend to come back fitter and climb up the placings.

All results can be found at:

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