Tuesday, 12 October 2021

CCH Youth Hill Climb 2021

That hill ...

... these riders and that view ...

- It could mean only one thing the CCHackney Youth Hill climb was back on Saturday 19th October 2021 with good representation from Concorde and Elsdale groups taking on the short sharp and just nasty Springfield Park Hill.


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The times

Thursday, 7 October 2021

In Tune FC brought to you by CCH

Brought to you by Cycling Club Hackney; football games and training with In Tune FC. On going in the community, a football club working with the NHS ELFT for better physical and mental health. Limited spaces are available each week - if interested, please contact the organiser as per the flyer.

Monday, 6 September 2021

Alex Peter's return to form and riding the AJ Bell 2021 Tour of Britain

Original CC Hackney youth and junior racer; Alex Peters is returning to ride the 2021 AJ Bell Tour of Britain for team Swift Carbon Pro Cycling. Starting in Cornwall this Sunday 5th September, Alex (rider number 166) is one to watch after his brilliant professional race win in the recent Ryedale GP. A man with lived experience right here and coming on strong right now. Go Alex! ❤️🤩💪🏽

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

CCHackney Harvest Circuit Races 21

Senior 123 in action - photo - J.Dash

21/8/21  - CCHackney were back at the Lea Valley Velopark after almost two years absence of racing on the circuit there to host the CC Hackney Harvest Velopark Circuit Races . With everything being slotted into the tail end of the road season it would be difficult to imagine full fields especially with everyone desperate to get away on holiday after lockdown meaning that the youth races were low in numbers. This didn't deter them from giving it their all. The Womens 12 race was affected by national races further north but the 34 had a good field  and the races were run together. Both the senior mens races 123 and cat4 had nearly full fields with fast and furious racing. Unfortunately a crash with two laps to go in the Cat 4 meant the race had to be abandoned as an injured rider was on the circuit, a sad way to end the afternoons excitement. 
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Full results can be found here.
More photos can be found here of the senior men and the senior women.

Under 10s and under 8s line up

U12s winner

U12s action

U12s action

U14s line up

U14s winner

U16s action
U16s winner
U16s girl winner

Womens races in action

Senior 123 in action - photo - J.Dash

Senior 123 in action - photo - J.Dash

Senior 123 in action - photo - J.Dash

Senior 123 in action - photo - J.Dash

Senior 123 in action - photo - J.Dash


Senior 123 - 2 laps to go

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