Thursday, 12 September 2019

Refreshing the parts other rides cannot reach!

CC Hackney's club runsRefreshing the parts other rides cannot reach! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

New supporter on side - the William Wates Memorial Trust

Cycling Club Hackney is proud to announce our latest funding supporter; the William Wates Memorial Trust. This is coming into effect from September 2019 with a three year agreement for the club to extend and continue developing its community outreach aspects. Fittingly the key fund raising activity for the Trust is an event called Le loop (or the Wates fund raisers Tour de France!) The Wates Group is a family owned construction company founded in 1897 that established the WWMT fund in 1998.
We are excited by the prospect of being in a better position to be more able to realise our shared aims of reaching the whole community; cycling and quality sporting opportunities for all in Hackney and East London. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

East London Youth Circuit Series - Finale

Saturday 13th July 2019

Last Saturday up at Redbridge Cycling Centre we held Primavera 4 featuring the finale of the East London Youth Circuit Series. ELYCS was a new initiative for tis season - a collaboration between Cycling Club Hackney and Lea Valley Youth CC that produced a league of ten races for Youth categories U16, U14 and U12s. Over two hundred and fifty riders took part across the series so you can imagine the finale rounds were eagerly anticipated.

U14 line up
The finale was in fact made up of two rounds as we held a rare thing for youth riders - a stage race.
Stage 1 in the morning saw the riders use the circuit in a clockwise direction using the alpine ascent until a few laps to go when the riders were switched to full clockwise lap making for a safer and longer sprint. The afternoon stages saw the riders tackle the Hoggenburg in the traditional anti-clockwise direction. No mean feat seeing as how each stage was 40 minutes for U14s/12s and an hour for the U16s - especially as the day got warmer.
U14 boys stage 1 podium
U14 girls stage 1 podium
In the U14 boys Luke Goodwill of Preston Park Youth won stage 1 in a close finish from Daniel Lloyd of VCL with Mark Lightfoot  of Welwyn Wheelers coming third. The u14 girls stage 1  saw Carys Lloyd of VCL edge out Lotty Dawson from Team Miltin Keynes followed by Bobbie O'Brien from LVYCC.
U12 stage 1 winner
U12 girls stage 1 podium
Stage 1 of the under12 boys was taken by Henry Hobbs from LVYCC over teammates Jasper Simpson with Ryan Jackson taking the third spot on the podium. The u12 girls saw clean sweep for LVYCC - Abigail Biggs was first followed by Anna Lloyd with Rebecca Gardiner coming third.

Jake Crossley proved stronger than the rest
The U16s went off at furious pace as usual and kept it up for the whole hour of racing. Jake Crossley of LVYCC broke away to take the victory with team mate Noah Hobbs coming second and Nathan Hardy from Welwyn third.
U16 stage 1 podium
The U16 girls first stage was a close battle between the a pair of riders and was won by Amber Brameld of VCL from Charlotte McGreevy of Liv Awol followed by Maya Teufel Tarlton of LVYCC in third.

U16 girls stage 1 podium
Between stages 1 and 2 we had support races from the U10 and u8 categories and a seniors 234 mens race. The young riders took on the top circuit including alpine ascent for twenty minutes. Emanuel Bujdei from Barking & Dagenham CC Barnaby Smith - Team Darenth William Butcher - Thanet RC
made up the U8 boys podium.

U8 boys podium
U8 girls podium
Harriet Butcher of Thanet RC and Cally Little of LVYCC were 1st and 2nd in the U8 girls.

U10 boys podium
Harrison Hendy of Team HUP Noah Smith -Team Darenth and David Bujdei -Barking & Dagenham took the top spots in the U10 boys.

234 winner Colin Ward
Many more photos of the event can be found here  with more to come on the CCH website.
234 podium
The senior men's race stayed together pretty much throughout until Colin Ward from Essex Roads broke away in the final two laps. Haben Gebrehiwet of CCHackney tried to catch him but had to settle for 2nd with Zak Buttle of Islington CC bringing home the rest for third.
Stage 2 U14 boys
The sun finally came out through the clouds for the afternoon stages as if things wren't hot enough.
Luke Goodwill made it 2 from 2 to take the overall for the day with Mark Lightfoot coming 2nd and Owen Prenelle third. The full overall podium being Luke Goodwill then Daniel Lloyd 2nd with Mark Lightfoot 3rd.
Stage 2 u14 girls
The u14 girls stage 2 went the same way as stage 1 with Carys Lloyd 1st Lotty Dawson 2nd and Bobbie O'Brien third meaning the overall was exactly the same as the stages.
Stage 2 u12 boys
In the U12 boys Henry Hobbs took the win again with Ryan Jackson 2nd and Aaron Harris of Bigfoot coming third. The overall result is Henry Hobbs 1st, Ryan Jackson 2nd and Finlay Woodliffe 3rd.
Stage 2 U12 girls
In the u12 girls Abigail Biggs won again with Ana Lloyd second and Rebecca Gardiner 3rd with the days overall matching.

U16 stage 2 boys finish
 The afternoon stage for the under 16s was raced at no less an unrelenting pace with many breaks being attempted then reeled back in -  it stayed together till the end when Euan Woodliffe of Welwyn out-sprinted Noah Hobbs and Jake Crossley for the win. The boys overall then went to Jake with Noah 2nd and William Smith of Verulam - coming third after his 5th and 4th placings.
U16 stage 2 girls finish
 In the u16 girls Eleanor Bolton won from Amber Brameld and Charlotte Loise McGreevy however her def in the morning meant Amber won the overall followed by Charlotte with Maya placing third.

Full race results here.
U16 stage 2 boys podium
U16 stage 2 girls podium
 So the final standings of the series are as below -
ELYCS U14 girls final standings

ELYCS U14 boys final standings

ELYCS U12 girls final standings

ELYCS U14 boys final standings

ELYCS U16 girls final standings

ELYCS U16 boys final standings

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Productive collaboration at Lea Valley Velopark

Last Saturday 29th June a productive collaboration at Lea Valley Velopark took place. It was a special BMX session that was delivered in partnership with Mark Brown of Bike Works (the organisers) Newham Council youth social services and CC Hackney's outreach section.  A good number of young people were able to access the excellent BMX facility and all got a lot from the experience who'd otherwise not get to do so.
This is seen as a marker and the fore runner of more extended and on going quality cycling provisions for hard to reach groups here.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Hackney team win London Youth Games for 6th time

Should have left the trophy at the engravers..,
 Sunday 16th June 2019,

The young cyclists of Hackney continue to show strength in depth and determination as the borough's cycling team came top once again at the London Youth Games cycling competition.

Jake in action in U16 TT
The team made it three wins in a row - taking the wet conditions at Lea Valley Velopark in their stride. This no easy thing as every year riders move up and out of the age groupings meaning new riders have to come in and take up the baton.
Ethan in the U16 TT
 Tom Bardill, Jake Evans and Ethan Rowell rode in the under16s male Time Trial over 4 laps of the Lea Valley circuit - probably getting the worst of the weather. The boys placed 5th , 6th and 11th respectively giving Hackney a solid start to the competition. In fact Tom and Jake were separated by only 6-100ths of a second.

The Hackney squad
 The team on the day was supported by the rest of the squad members - the reserves were ready to step up in case someone felt like imitating Froomey - thankfully no one did.

Lorna in the under 16 female TT
In the under 16 female Time Trial we had sisters Lorna and Evelyn Dumbleton alongside Anoushka Minale. Lorna finished 20th , Evelyn seventh and Anoushka took first place with a great time - the only female below 10 minutes. Hackney were definitely up there at this point.
Evelyn in the under 16 female TT
In the afternoon it was the younger riders turn and in the under 12 boys Freddy Augsburger claimed third spot, whilst Joseph Krolick came 27th and Jimme Brotherhood 33rd.
In the under 12 girls TT Laila Grace MacKenzie-Breary took 6th place with Ishanna Cannell 11th and Charlie Greensides 12th. With only the road races to come it was touch and go as to which Borough would win.
Anoushka in the under 16 female TT
In the under 16 boys 12 lap race the boys missed the break and Tom finished 11th and Jake 16th.
Whilst in the girls Anoushka came 4th and Evelyn 8th all of which meant under the arcane points scoring for the LYG Hackney retained the Eileen Grey Cup for the third year on the bounce and are overall winners for an unprecedented 6th time.

Well done to all the riders - team, squad and others who helped out and thanks to the support team of coaches and parents who made it happen.

 Full results here.

Anouska on her way to victory
Full gallery of photos here by Sean Pollock.
 More photos to come.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Great light for a bike ride yesterday!

Concord bike club enjoyed great light for their bike ride to the Thames yesterday!

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