Monday 11 February 2013

2012/13 Cross Season Review

Ten CCH riders, between them, totalled just over 100 rides during the 2012/13 Cross season. Concentrating mainly on the Emly Cycles Eastern Cross League, also riding the Mosquito London X League, Central League, Welsh League and the Vlaasme Cup in Belgium. CCH were also represented at both the Regional and National Cross Championships.

CCH ended the season with podium finishes in the Eastern League (3rd Andy O’Regan Vets 50+) and London League (Andy 2nd and Harry Moore 3rd). CCH were came 2nd overall in the Eastern Cross Team Championships and the Vets 45+ team 3rd. Throughout the season all riders showed improving results and can be proud of their achievements. Hopefully all the results in the various leagues and races are captured below:

National Cross Championships 2013 Bradford

Vets 50+
Andy O'Regan 32nd
Harry Moore 54th
Youth U16  
Ned O'Regan  50th
Youth U14   
Louis Bynre 38th
Frank Moore  40th
U12 Support Race  
Artie O'Regan 17th
Regional Cross Championships 2013 Bethlam 
Vets 50+  
Andy O'Regan 6th
Harry Moore 15th
Ned O'Regan  23rd
Louis Byrne 38th
Frank Moore  DNF
Artie O'Regan 11th
Emly Cycles Eastern Cyclo-Cross League 2012/12 Final League Positions

Team Championships   
Overall  2nd
Vets 3rd
Youth 5th
U12 5th
Elite Vets  
Neil Irons  41st
Gary Boyd 49th
Vets 50+  
Andy O'Regan 3rd
Harry Moore 16th
Youth U16  
Ned O'Regan  18th
Youth U14   
Frank Moore  12th
Logan DeMonchaux-Irons 18th
Louis Bynre rode a number of races but was not a member of the League so unfortuately not placed
Artie O'Regan 19th
Harry Gregory 20th
Stanley Boyd  12th

Mosquito London X League 2012/13
Vets 50+  
Andy O'Regan 2nd
Harry Moore 3rd
Neil Irons  94th
Bart Wallbank 15th
Youth U16  
Ned O'Regan  24th
Youth U14   
Frank Moore  30th
Louis Bynre  32nd
Artie O'Regan 23rd
Other Results
Central League (Round 10)
Andy O'Regan 2nd
Harry Moore 9th
Ned O'Regan 8th
Frank Moore 19th
Artie O'Regan 12th
Harry Gregory 16th
Welsh League (Round 7)  
Harry Moore 4th
Frank Moore 8th
South London Late Summer League (Round 2 &3)
Andy O'Regan (R3) 6th
Harry Moore (R2&3) 97th & 4th
Ned O'Regan (R3) 15th
Frank Moore (R3) 24th
Vlaasme Cup (Assenede Bel)  
Harry Moore 18th
Ned O'Regan 24th

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