Saturday 24 March 2012

A brief history of bike clubing on Nightingale Estate

A very big thank you to Hackney Homes for their continued support of Interlinkx CiC and CC Hackney. And also especially to all of the staff, volunteers and helpers involved in making the HQ move from No.1 to No. 6 Olympus Square - Ace!
Before arriving at No1 Olympus Square and at our plush new space, for 16 months between 2007 - 08 Interlinkx CiC were responsible for delivering the popular Saturday morning bike club; a youth and community cycle maintenance session. These classes were staffed by local resident and teacher Pia Russel and I. We worked out of a derelict garage in the open yard behind Olympus Square, meeting youth cyclists needs...but even before those days...

Street wheelies, a new Olympic sport?

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