Thursday 23 February 2012

Claire Tansley CCH member - Obituary

I am sorry to have to pass on the sad news that former Hackney LCC 
comrade, and friend to many, Claire Tansley, died yesterday (Wednesday) 
morning in Bart's Hospital. She was 41, and had been suffering from a 
recurrent lymphoma.

A Scot by birth and upbringing, and a teacher and environmental educator 
by profession, Claire was an active member of our local group from the 
mid-1990s until the turn of the century brought with it parenthood and 
migration across the River Lea.

Claire invested masses of time and effort into the campaign. Frequently 
the face of the group on our stall at events such as the Hackney Show, 
she encouraged many people to start or return to cycling.

She organised several of our Burns Night fundraisers -- a role for which 
her vivacity and gregarious nature as well as her national origin suited 
her well. And, if I recall correctly, she created our tradition of 
annual Bike The Bounds rides around the borough.

Perhaps Claire's most significant campaigning legacy was her role in 
nuturing cycling education in schools and the wider community when there 
was very little of it going on. She led 'Safe Routes to Schools' 
initiatives, introduced cycle training into the schools she worked at, 
and helped create one of London's first 'exercise on prescription' 
projects, called Cycleactive, here in Hackney.

She leaves behind husband Harry, son Dennis and daughter Julia.

The funeral will be next week. If people who remember Claire but don't 
have direct contact with her family would like to know about 
arrangements when I hear of them, please let me know off-list.

Trevor Parsons

Claire was also a member of CCH along with Harry and Dennis. She had hopes of coming out on our Sunday rides if her situation had improved - sadly this wasn't to be but I hope all at CCH will join me in passing on our sympathies to Harry, Dennis and Julia. I've been friends with Claire since the mid-nineties. She always loved her cycling and brought her warmth and passion to all aspects of life and cycling. She had a strong personality and badgered me many a time into reciting Robert Burns poems at the Hackney LCC Burn's night fundraisers, I'm mighty glad she did as this is where I met my partner Liz at one of those nights. I'm sure many other Hackney cyclists owe her a similar debt.
She will be fondly remembered and greatly missed.

Neil Irons

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