Sunday, 20 March 2011

Race results

Tao G Hart, he's a 1st year youth rider in 2011, his name is written in bold; 1st place in the March Hare, beating many senior 1st and 2nd category riders to record another win above his weight.
New CCH youth recruit Liam Pelgrim won 1st prize in his category in the Hainault Hilly TT.  Keir Apperley was fouth over all, winning the vets event too. (vet meaning seasoned fellow, not animal fixer)


Today Rhys Howells and Clem Berril executed another 1-2 in the latest ERRL event over in Ipswich, Suffolk. Rhys 1st and Clem 2nd after Rhys followed Clem's attack, breaking away in the last 6klm to hold the bunch off by 15 seconds on the line. 
Same day, same latitude, different country and 200 miles to the west, our 1st year junior rider Alex peters was 2nd in the Cadance Junior Road Race. This is part of the national series with a field of 100 riders taking part in Brecon South Wales. After a photo finish it was revealed that Alex lost to his break away companion Jonathan Dibbin by a minuscule margin. This was a big race, the boy done good and his effort will not go unnoticed. 
 A fine start for CCH then, well done lads - when is the next race?

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