Saturday 12 March 2011

CCH give time to get training to become accredited road race marshals

Saturday 21st May 2011 is the date of CCH's inaugural road race promotion within the Eastern Road Race League. This will take place on the roads around Bulmer on the Essex-Sufolk boarder. CCH has entered this league so that our eligible club member racers can take part in the season long series and get plenty of opportunity to enjoy real road racing.
All participating clubs must promote and deliver at least one race and also send two accredited road race marshals to at least five races per season. A step towards this has taken place recently when three of our gallant coaches; Harry Moore, Neil Irons and Keir Apperley gave up a day plus home work to complete their training to become fully accredited road race marshals...with special powers...(?!)  
Rhys Howels, Clem Berill and Alex Peters are three of our cyclists who have been entering the ERRL series events already this season with young Alex achieving a worthy third place ('without trying') in the Crest RR last week.

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