Friday 3 April 2020

CCH Virtual Time Trial Series

CC Hackney is following the lead of our friends at the Hainault RC with a Virtual Evening 10 mile (16klm) series starting next Tuesday 7th April.
In preparation for when we can finally get out and join proper evening 10s the club is proposing a Virtual Evening 10 mile (16klm) series starting 7th April and running each Tuesday until racing outside is safe and permitted*
The first thing to understand is that we are not racing each other, as we all don’t have the same equipment so (unless you have your own private velodrome) it’ll be Zwift, turbo trainers or rollers. The idea of this is that we race ourselves weekly, aiming for the PB, to help with a focus in the week with a sense of sociability going on during these testing times.
So how will this work?
You will need a turbo trainer or rollers or Zwift setup and you must be able to measure distance covered. What is important is to be able to re-create the same ride conditions week on week. SMARTER
When you have done your ride you need to email in with the time, I'll email back the results sheet, then the following week we will do exactly the same – using the same setup as before.
What we are looking for is improvements in time. This will then be put on a spreadsheet in order of improvement % in time.
All CCH members need to do to enter is to email and copy in before Tuesday 5th April and tell us what equipment you are using:
Turbo / rollers / zwift etc.
Your ride can be done any time on Tuesday then email with your time. Remember this is for fun and for you to measure your own improvement week on week.

Any questions just ask.


Keir Apperley (Lead Coach/Manager) 

*Or if it’s going on for way too longJ

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