Sunday 13 December 2015

7th December - a date with data.

A graph showing lap peaks from the training session last week.

Assistant coach Lindsay Parker has collated performance data from our last training session before the big day on 21st December at Lee Valley Velodrome.
"With less than 2 weeks to go until Hackney After School Velodrome Club's landmark 1 hour mixed youth group record attempt, both coaches and riders are beginning to make their final preparations. While the riders are continuing to work on all important group techniques like drafting, communication and change-overs, as well as keeping their defences up against winter colds.
Although early indications suggest that the 54.526km that Sir Bradley Wiggins rode solo at the very same velodrome about 6 months ago may be a little beyond this young group's current capabilities, the coaches are focusing the team on simply setting a distance that satisfies the independent British Cycling judges according to the rules."
Hackney After School Velodrome Club - HASVC
No.1 MONDAY 21 st DECEMBER 2015 1pm – 3pm
Mixed youth group 250m velodrome hour record rules:
1. Any record attempt must be judged and ratified by qualified track commissaries of the host nation’s cycling governing body in
accordance with the rules as set below.
2. At the time of any record attempt all competing riders must be aged no younger than 12 and no older than 16.
3. No more than 16 riders are permitted on the track at any given time.
4. Proof of age must be provided by participants to the independent judging team.
5. All competing riders must be registered, signed-in & numbered with males wearing different coloured numbers to the female
6. Track pursuit pads must be out during the record attempt.
7. Appropriate youth gearing on standard fixed wheel track bikes must be used without tri-bars.
8. A minimum of 4 riders must be on the pace line at any given time (4+1 to allow for changes)
9. A minimum of one accompanying female or male rider must be in the pace group at any given time.
10. If there is a gap of any more than a bike length between any of the front four riders on the pace line that is carried on for more
than 250m (and if there is not a 'legal' quartet behind to step in as the new lead group) then the record setting attempt would
be declared null and void by the event commissaries.
11. Riders can only join the pace group at the back of the pace line.
12. At one hour, the final distance reached is to be recorded at the point on the track where the front wheel arrives in the first mixed grouping of 4 pace line riders that includes at least one female or one male competitor.

"Last Monday's session saw the older group of riders doing 2x10 minute sessions in which the record attempt's rules were adhered to: no fewer than 4 riders can be in the group at any time, and there must be at least one boy and one girl in the group at all times.
Although it doesn't look particularly consistent, all the lap times were within a 3 second spread, which is promising for a 1 hour attempt where consistency and rhythm are crucial for success. The fastest laps were completed at just over 40kph - very impressive! As the trend line shows the group got faster and faster as the session progressed: also very promising as the group faces up to their hour attempt. Come and support the group as they undertake this cutting edge challenge."
Lead coach Keir Apperley:
'For the team effort on 21st December, the main message to all riders is that it's a new record setting attempt as it's not been done before. The focus is on the process and not to risk failure because of maybe pushing the pace too high, which could result in the rules being broken. For this reason I'm not so interested in how fast or far they are going for this one; I'm just looking to make sure that they all keep it together and set a new record that our independent British Cycling judges are satisfied with. Our supporters would do well to shout "keep it together!" rather than "faster faster!"  :)

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