Monday 31 August 2015

Visit by Nando Morenito - CC Mataro manager

Nando time!
Last Wednesday 26th September CC Hackney's track training crew hosted a special guest from Mataro in Catalunya. Nando Morenito, the manager of CC Mataro (who are based at Mataro Velodrome) came to London to follow up after his counterpart at CCH Keir Apperley and club mate Judith Philip had travelled to Catalunya for training and Velodrome Passport representation in March 2014

Nando was here to get to know CC Hackney more and to try out for himself how to be a cyclist in London. During his time in the capital he also travelled by bike to Herne Hill Velodrome to meet VCL youth coach Phil Wright and specifically to check out the new track surface at HHV. This is something to take back to Mataro Velodrome; resurfacing work there is only a dream right now for CC Mataro but perhaps it's a small step closer to reality after this fact finding trip?
Phil Wright, Nando Morenito & Keir Apperley
Before heading back south Nando invited CC Hackney to a spring training camp he and Keir are setting up in Mataro for one week in March 2016. This is planned to coincide with a track race event Nando is putting on. Accredited riders from CCH can participate in this; CC Hackney members, look out for dates and further information coming up... 

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