Sunday 24 May 2015

Clem Berrill - the come back kid

Original CC Hackney youth & junior racer has returned to the sport in style with a win in Nottingham. Welcome back Clem, it's good to see that you've not lost your appetite for demolishing the opposition:) 

We're looking forward to your return to London in July.

In his own words, Clem's race report:

A Return to Racing
Last Saturday I lined up for the start of my third race of the year after a few years away from the sport. After a reasonable start finishing the Sheff Rec National B road race in around 20th place and a 4th place finish in a 3rd cat criterium in York the weekend before, I was motivated to learn from the mistakes I made where I rode too conservatively and missed the key moves. The start gun went and we were off. A couple of young looking lads went straight away on the decent of the 2.3km circuit. In keeping with the plan to not miss a move I waited for the crosswind drag at the bottom of the circuit and charged across to them. As soon as I got there it was plain to see they were going nowhere I went straight past and settled into a comfortable rhythm hoping for strong riders to jump across to me. After a few laps hanging at around 15 seconds, I decided it was time to go back to the bunch where I stayed at the head of things, marking the moves for the next 30 minutes. With about 12km to go and riders starting to tire I decided to give a break another shot again, going on the cross wind and opening a 15 second gap quickly. I settled down watching the bunch behind to see if anyone would jump. The 5 to go board was brought out after the next lap and with the peloton not giving chase it was time to commit to the solo move. I pushed on as hard as I could, pulling the gap out to around a minute over the next few laps. The effort started to take its toll, lungs and legs screaming for the end, the final lap bell could not come quick enough and when it did, I knew I had made it. 

Strava report


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