Thursday 12 March 2015

A fantastic evening was had by all at the Cycling Club Hackney Awards Night.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Was great to see so many club members together under one roof lots of positive vibes, some heckling (no names..), delicious buffet and even a few intervals on the turbo.

Great to see the film made by the "CCH production team' well done all involved great effort.

Thanks to Neil Irons and Kier for the fantastic bespoke awards, fantastic.

This was the first Awards night and already plans are underway to make it bigger and better next year. There were some winers who didn't make it, I still have your awards. Here they are please get in contact with me.
Emma Jane Hornsby winner of the Women's RR Award
Mario Baumangauter fastest 10 TT
Nigel Field Most improved Rider
Liam Collins Best track performance

Charlie Winner of the Road Race Award

  Winner Jess Feeney the best U16
 Judith the fastest Womens 10 TT
Kier winner of the Riders Rider Award, youth
 Frank taking the Riders Rider Award he is also took the youth Cyclo Cross trophy !
 Logan De Mon winner of the most BC points... over 200
 Mike winner the Cyclo Cross Award
 Charlie winner the best U12 award
 Serafinio receiving his best U8 trophy
 Molly winner of the U14 award
 Harry receiving the 'Broken Fork Blade' award for rider returning from injury.
 Euan picking up his 'smashed lens" award for Rider Returning from injury
 Thanks to everyone who came along.

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