Sunday 13 July 2014

CCH Road Race 2014 - Report

The peloton riding out from Saffron Walden
 Overnight night rain and downpours on the way up the M11 left me wondering if the race would go ahead - `I'd already had reports of flooding on the course. By the time we rolled into the Hq at the Lord Butler Fitness Centre in Saffron Walden it was beginning to clear meaning the races would go ahead after a slight delay.
Early break forming with Richard Wood and Ben Sumner
 A set of temporary traffic lights had appeared on the hill leading to the finish so the line was moved back onto the circuit and once I  had tracked down the BC finish line van we made it up the hill in time for the race to come through for the first time in 4 3/4 laps. Two riders had jumped away at the bottom of the hill - Richard Wood and Ben Sumner . Rhys Howells was leading the group behind and urging them on to catch the break.
The lead group swelled to five riders headed here by Rhys Howells with Roy Chamberlain and Mike Debney
 Next time round we had a break of five riders who had put some time in to the main bunch. The main bunch meanwhile was been thinned rapidly as rider after rider succumbed to punctures with the roads covered in debris washed off the fields and gravel drives beloved of country dwellers. One section of the race was being neutralised each lap as the road was close to a foot under water. The commissaires and marshals did an excellent job of ensuring this didn't become an issue, whilst the rain did its best to turn the rest of the course into a lake too.

The leading group now at four riders
Next time round and the lead was out to over a couple of minutes with the lead group now down to four riders - Roy, Mike, Richard and Rhys. As the race came through for the last lap it looked like half the field had retired and the lead was up closer to three minutes. It looked like a straight fight between the leading four.

Rhys Howells - Richardson-Trek RT wins in style
 We eagerly waited a close fought finish but CCH old boy Rhys Howells had other ideas he dropped the other three to come up the hill alone winning by 48 seconds form Richard Wood who placed second by a tyres width from Roy Chamberlain. Lubomir Belak led in the rest 3.35 down on the winner.
The podium l-r  -Richard Wood 2nd, Rhys Howells 1st, Roy Chamberlain 3rd
- all Photos - Bart Wallbank

Great racing by all the riders and great support from CCH members. Thanks to all those who helped out on the day and in advance and to the accredited marshals, motorbike marshals and commissaries for giving up their time.

Full results -

Place Number Rider Team / club Cat'
1 37 Rhys Howells Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
2 1 Richard Wood Arbis - Colbert Cycles RT 1st
3 46 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles 1st
4 42 Lubomir Belak St Ives CC 2nd
5 2 Mike Wragg Arbis - Colbert Cycles RT 1st
6 9 Ashley Cox CC Luton Elite
7 16 Philip Peters CSE Racing 2nd
8 14 Henry Farrell CSE Racing 2nd
9 5 Mike Debney Cadence Cycling Performance 1st
10 48 Dale Johnston VC Norwich 3rd
11 27 William Drury Glendene CC 2nd
12 50 Mark Yale VC Revolution 3rd
13 6 Peter Kirwan Cambridge CC 2nd
14 4 Andrew Sanders Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club 2nd
15 52 Nick Perks Velo Schils - Interbike RT 3rd
16 55 Lloyd Chapman Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
17 11 Jason White Clay Cross Road Team 1st
18 3 Ben Sumner Beeline Bicycles RT 1st
19 31 James Jobber Neon-Velo Cycling Team 1st
20 32 Daniel Young Neon-Velo Cycling Team 2nd

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