Friday, 4 April 2014


As you are all aware this Tuesday 8th April is the clubs first session at the Velodrome we need to know who wants to come so could you please as soon as possible (today if possible) send a mail to  giving the following information:

Membership No:
Date you can start:  8th April, 22nd April or 6th May (this will be to complete the Level 1 accreditation)
Own Track Bike: 

(if you can't make these dates we will hold a waiting list until we have enough to have a course. There will be  opportunity and time for all those who want to be accredited.)

We will then let you know, by the latest Monday, what date you start.

This is all a new endeavour for all of us so please, as always, lets be patient, tolerant and cool!  

CCH @ Velodrome -Alternative Tuesday Evenings 7:00 - 9:30
Before riders can access general track training; LV coaches are delivering mandatory four stage accredited induction sessions. The extra cost of these sessions, and the reduced rider numbers (two groups 16 + 16) is reflected in the prices at: adults £20.00  juniors & youth: £10.00
For those that don't yet own their own track bike CCH has a limited number of track bikes for loan use. These will be on site but will be available first to junior & youth members who are without means to access this sport.
To reduce costs at this stage we could look at pairing up to share bikes (lower/raise saddle just before handing over) Quality LV bike hire is £10 per session.  
CCH will be prioritising experienced riders to 'get them out of the way' and free up track space for others. 

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