Friday, 7 February 2014

Supporters evening - Tuesday 25th February 2014

Since starting out CC Hackney has aimed to grow without over reaching in it's ability to deliver. Fortunately the club has had a core group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who have been helping with organisation and administration in their spare time. However there are existing aspects that CC Hackney need to develop and improve on as well as new roles to play and challenges to meet as we move onwards.  
CCH is a club to be proud of but we are creaking (a bit) as our membership rises. We could do with more of our number to come forward to help out - we know we have blessed people on side who have diverse skills and expertise. It could be dealing with potential sponsors, organising social events, delivering club kit to local members, office administration, editing a promo clip, helping to steward our races & events, doing some bike maintenance, coaching support, designing fliers, fund-raising, laminating membership name it.

Calling members who have something to offer their club; a commitment to a period of time in which to achieve specific goals or just generally for the cause.  

Tuesday 25th February 2014

From 7.00pm 

At Palm 2 Cafe

1st Floor Regal House (by Clapton Pond)
156 Lower Clapton Road
London E5 

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