Tuesday 27 August 2013

CCH Women's news

Token male  with Lauren, Lavinia, Camille, Isobel and Jen at Hoghill for 1st CCH women's training session.

Women's Group Training Session
We had a really good training session on Sunday 25th August morning over at Hog Hill.
Big thank you to Neil for running the session, and Liz for organising it.
We cycled over to Hog Hill (about 10 miles) then did some exercises that focused on technique - so suited all fitness levels. These included bike control and close riding, chain gang and cornering. We then each did a timed lap as a benchmark - and to put the cornering into practice.
It was really useful and enjoyable.
It was also really cheap - £2 for track fees and we each gave Neil £5. A great value morning, washed down with a cheap cup of tea.
Neil has offered to run these sessions for us once a month.
Please can you tell me:
  • are you interested in joinging the sessions once a month
  • what timing suits you: Sat pm or Sun am or pm?
Today we had a social ride (me, Liz, Virginia, Judith and Logan) over to Blackmore and the slightly nutty tea room there.
We did about 60 miles, two tea stops, one puncture and a mild wasp sting
It was really enjoyable (apart from the wasp sting), and had a very gentle pace.
Let me know if you are interested in having a womens social ride from time to time and we can see wgho is up for it.
Derek is placing an order fr kid's club kit with a new supplier. He and Neil have seen kids kit samples and say it is good quality at a reasonable price.
Derek is happy to help us place a women's order.
Please have a look at their website to see what they offer, and I am happy to collate our order. http://www.cycledivision.co.uk/customcycleclothing.php
I don't yet know if  our order has to be a minimum order or quantity - or whether we can order a mix of random stuff. I will phone them on Monday to ask about this, and also to request a sample so we can see how sizing works out. And I'll see if they do women's shorts as well as bibshorts ...
Please let me know  if you would like to join the club kit order, and what you'd like to order.

CCH also has some water bottles in stock, in CCH livery. They look great and are only £5 - please see here for more details of how to purchase - and a picture of Camille modelling the bottles. https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Cycling-Club-Hackney/173860289294369

- Isobel

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