Tuesday 27 December 2011

Peter Catermolle is in support of Cycling Uganda

Today I met Peter Catermolle, British Cycling London Regional Development Manager (and leader at Velo Club Londres) by Herne Hill Velodrome in south London. We had a talk about Cycling Uganda and building on specific support for cycling and cyclists on that side. Peter offered me some great advice about velodromes to carry forward. He also thought it was excellent that CC Hackney were sponsoring a young Ugandan racing cyclist (Ronnie). Peter was of the view that one sunny day it could be that many London cycling clubs will support individual cyclists in Uganda and even in other developing countries. Peter asked me if I could find a rider in Kampala for VCL to work with - well now we're on track, watch the space a follow-up is coming soon. After our talk I was generously handed items to take as prizes to hand out to competitors after the 2nd Mbuya Hill Climb on 8th January 2012.

It was really great of Peter to come out and give up his time to help the project along.

Mr. Catermolle - ya' large :)

Happy new year 2012


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