Thursday 13 October 2011

Tao accepted onto the Olympic Development Programme

Tao on the boards at Manchester

CCH rider Tao Geoghan-Hart has seen all his hard efforts of this year come to fruition with a place on British Cycling's Olympic Development Programme. This is  a big deal for Tao and great for the club.
Tao said  - 'To be selected for the Olympic Development Programme is a real honor, and although it is just the start of the next phase of my cycling; racing at a Junior level, it is going to be fun as well as tremendously hard. Past riders on the programme have gone on to do massive things and I really hope to follow in their footsteps, but for now its up and down Lea Bridge Road everyday! I am really looking forward to riding for and representing the ODP and CC Hackney next year.'

Well done Tao and we look forward to hearing all about the ODP, meanwhile don't spend all your time on the Lea Bridge Road - use the downtime to get on with the A levels :-)

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