Friday 1 April 2011

Would you like to see the raising of the cycling game in Uganda?

Introducing CCH's new rider residing in Kampala, Uganda, 'Rockin' Ronnie Mubiru Jarsen writes:

Is It in many minds that at one time the cycling game in Uganda will live up to our dreams?
If you've got cycling dreams like me, please waste no time, start now to do what ever you think can make your vision happen. Everyone has a way to lift our game, even I have mine. First I think it's a good idea to follow in the foot steps of Cycling Club Hackney. How? Better to talk and ask, me too I'm gonna find an answer. When ever I visited CCH's site, so real it was how I admired how to build from the beginning, at the grass roots. To prove it we keep it here with

Ronnie direct:

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