Saturday 27 June 2009

Youth Riders Prepare For London Youth Games 2009

The final of four youth section training sessions is taking place on Sunday. This block of training has been organised to help bring on the best fitness & technique possible for our young riders who have been selected to represent Hackney in the cycling event of the prestigious London Youth Games 2009. (LYG '09). Saturday July 4th is the date,Crystal Palace is the venue.

It's great to have Alex Peters back in the team, the speed of his recovery from a broken collar bone has been startling and has confounded his doctor who had said that he would not be ready to compete in the LYGs. Alex had another view on this prognosis, his rapid return ahead of schedule even enabled him to ride well in the handicap TLI road races on the North Weald Arodrome last Tuesday evening. Young Peters turned in a fine performance and rode at the front of his group of 'B' category (mixed & adult) riders and finished well enough up the field to draw praise from the event organisers.
Another young CCH rider with real talent & potential; Tao Geohegan-Hart, took part in a race from the same series two weeks earlier. He too has made a miraculous recovery, his injury was a broken index finger on his left hand. This week Tao has been cleared to ride the LYG's by his mother & doctor.

Alex & Tao returning to the team has injected a boost to Hackney's chances of doing well. The team's result for Hackney is based on their collective times in total, eight riders compete from two age groups (U18s & U16s) and the three fastest times from each quartet count.
The under18s ride four laps at 5klm and the U16s complete two circuits at 2.5klm.
A full report & pictures will follow soon after the event.

Here is a provisional list of all our riders set to represent Hackney next Saturday:
U18s Clem Berill, Alex Peters, Gabriel Cramer & Rowena Gordon.
U16s Tao Geohegan Hart, Kyroah Pang, Nahshan Blondell, Sean Glendenning, Corey Hall & Adebisi Alakan
Reserves TBC.
Manager: Keir Apperley
Coaches: Gary Lingard, Joseph Alberti & Comfort Ajagbe

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