Sunday, 8 March 2009

Film, social and presentation

The screening of 'The Road To Roubaix'. at the end of January was well attended with a total of thirty two souls present. After a chance to socialise, take flapjacks and slurp coffee a presentation took place; this was the delivery of two racing cycles supplied by one of our sponsors (MPA) to two of our young members; Rowena Gordon & Adebisi Alakan.

Then the lights came down. A short
home made film came on before the main feature. The majority really enjoyed this although I gathered by the end, that one or two found the content of the 'Roubaix' film a little too esoteric to study for the full 70mins – sorry about that!

It's apparent that film is a popular medium with CCH so we'd like to hold another evening at the Barnebas Cinema at some point. Title suggestions are welcome and if there are any film makers who'd like to show their own work please let us know. We'll be putting together a short club show-reel to check at the next session.
The International Bicycle Film Festival are especially keen to receive new British material to list and put to screen.

The pic at the top is of the club secretary, Adebisi, Rowena & Nicola Baboneau of The Learning Trust during the cycle presentation.

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