Monday 7 April 2008

CCH Ride 1 - Postponed

Due to the severe weather the CCH 1st Round Chelmsford is postponed until
next week 13.04.08
Meeting 9.00am at the Lea Valley Ice Centre. Departing 9.30am


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  1. Severe weather? A few snow flakes? You british, always with the jokes. We wait all winter for winter and it doesn’t come until spring!

    There is no such thing as bad weather only poor preperation. I feel sorry for everyone unable to come out on Sunday because of some snow – or even the sadder excuse of employing a juvenile delinquent to prepare your bike ( I won’t mention any names but you know who you are ).

    Anyway I did more or less the same ride I’ve done for some 10 years now, by myself as I have almost always done it. It seems a bit sad and anti-social but when I do it, it never ceases to amaze and I always find something new and beautiful that I hadn’t seen before. It serves as a little reminder that we live in a beautiful and wonderous place and that life is a joyous priviledge.

    But Sunday the 6th was exceptional, amazing, beyond words I took a detour through Epping Forest and it was a heavanly, magical frosty forest and the freezing air was even sweeter then usual. I saw one other cyclist and we cheered eachother on just as the tifosi would be cheering their heroes on the Koppenburg that very same day.

    I am very sorry that you missed it but it did allow me to get my ride over in 2 hours, get home before the snows disappeared and have a snow ball fight with my 5 year old son – and lose, naturally. Then I caught the final 40 k of the Tour of Flanders, and as Tom Boonen can tell you when your team mate wins you win!


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