Monday, 10 March 2008

Club Run Reports...

CR 09.03.08
Welcome to the club Freyer our youngest rider yet.
This week a group of eight set off and stayed together until our cafe stop in Blackmore. On the way we came across the route of the Hainault Hilly TT and watched some of the riders pass. Stuart was inspired and even gave chase... After Blackmore we divided into those heading straight back (John, Oliver, Nikki, Stuart & Freyer) leaving Dave, Boris and I to do a bit more. We travelled through the Easters to High Roding and back round to White Roding and then home via Moreton and Toot Hill.
The day was notable for it's startling cloud formations of many kinds, I'm sure it was a weather persons dream day on all fronts.
The light was vivid, highlighting the hints of spring green in the young sprouting wheat and certain tree leaves and the bright yellow of the daffs, just great to look at.
Boris was fun to ride with but his laughter & jokes dwindled as we rode on...not as used to the distance as Dave & I but next week maybe he'll laugh last or at least loudest and/or for longer!

CR 02.03.08
A six pack set off from the Ice Center with our new rider Nikki all the way from Oz also in the group were Oliver, Paul, John, Dave & I. We made it to Theydon Bois before forming into three pairs to suit. Nikki & Oliver kept it short with a stop at the High Beach cafe, Paul & John bolted over the hill not to be seen again, whilst myself & Dave headed for Maldon in Essex. We found old boats with rigging being repaired and an atmospheric & charming small market town on the Blackwater & Chelmer river estuary famous for it's salt. It was worth the visit and we'll be back.

CR 24.02.08
For Stuart, Matt & I, today was about checking out the 'Round Chelmsford 08' route and ironing out one or two points of navigation still unclear. Dave & John were short on time and could not continue with us all the way around.
We found a fine tea house conveniently placed at the half way point in Danbury just past the courses biggest climb at Little Badow. 'Tea on the Green' did the trick and on we went through the Hanning Fields and on to Stock, Ingatstone, Kelvedon Hatch, Stapleford Abbotts, Chigwell Row & home. Stuart won the sprint for every village sign after Mountnessing where I asked if he was bringing his faster machine next week...something to do with a misunderstanding about insulting his donkey i guess! So now I know how to make Stuart go fast...hehe
The final route for 'Round Chelmsford 08' will be posted ahead of the event in two weeks time.

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  1. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye after you went chigwell route.. punctured twice on the way back.

    I ran out gas completely at matching green and just groveled the rest of the way. really enjoyed the ride see you next week.


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